Mar 082011


Today marks the last day before Lent, when pancakes are traditionally served in order to use up sugar, fat and eggs in the house. If you’re like me, this is merely an excuse to have pancakes for dinner.

When I’m not making my own, I prefer to hit diners for pancakes, specifically, any of the area Golden Nugget diners and knock-offs within Chicago city limits. My usual order is the Little Boy Blue (2 pancakes topped with fruit, 2 eggs scrambled, and the side of bacon or sausage that I usually share or trade up for hash browns), though I’ve been known to go off-script and order the Waitress Special B.

Where are you getting pancakes today?

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  1. RT @ChicagoBites: [Post] Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

  2. RT @ChicagoBites: [Post] Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

  3. We’re a one-car family and my husband has the car today for his FOURTEEN HOUR SHIFT AT WORK, so I’m making pancakes at home. We were at the Golden Nugget the other day, though. Mmmm. It doesn’t matter which one we go to, we always get FANTASTIC service.

  4. I like the Eastern-most one on Irving Park. I have a doppleganger connection there. 🙂

  5. This is Chicago – it’s Paczki Day! 🙂

  6. Yes, equal love in my heart for pancakes. -T

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