Ingredients + The Gage = a great recipe

If you haven’t made plans for Sunday, March 27, you might consider dinner and a movie. Jim Javenkoski of Local Food Wisdom has even taken care of the planning for you. At 6pm, he’s gathering with a group of like-minded people to screen the film Ingredients, what he calls “a gentler, kinder version” of Food, Inc.

Chef Dirk Flanigan has planned a four-course feast, with items sourced from local farms, to be served during seasonal transitions in the film. A panel discussion about the movie and our dining choices will be held at the end. Guest speakers include Jason Moore of Cook’s Bison Ranch, George Rasmussen of Swan Creek Heirloom Farm, Chef Michael Sheerin, and The Gage’s charcuterist and cheese-maker, Mat Fulton. $75 covers the cost of the meal.

Jim Javenkoski

Jim Javenkoski of Local Food Wisdom

I had the chance to speak with Javenkoski about the film and why he feels it’s important for budding foodies to see it. “People want to move towards better food choices, but they’re not knowledgeable about how. This film helps people who have an interest in taking a step forward.”

Ingredients covers the “good food movement” and the people behind it — chefs, farmers, and policy makers. It looks at the successes in changing our food supply and opportunities that we have to take control over what goes in our mouths. Javenkoski and the film’s makers want you to see food as an investment rather than a purchase. They feel if you’re more informed about the economic, political, and social impact of food, then you’ll want to make wiser choices, and, in return, start to feel better because of those choices.

“It’s a beautiful, quiet documentary” says Javenkoski. In contrast to Food, Inc., there’s little that’s controversial about the film, “that movie didn’t give people choices. It paralyzed people with controversy.”

Javenkoski was equally excited about partnering with local restaurants to arrange a viewing, “I wanted to screen this movie with a meal, so it’s a sensory gestalt. I wanted to get people’s attention and engage all their senses.”

If you’d like to attend the screening and enjoy a great meal with lively conversation, please call The Gage at (312) 372-4243.

Update: Anyone who makes a reservation for the Locavore Dinner prior to 5pm on Thursday will be entered into a drawing to win an ultra rare bottle of refermented ale from La Brasserie Unibroue (Chambly, QC). At stake is a 1.5 L magnum of Maudite, a strong amber-red ale (8% ABV) in a special, large format bottle designating the 15th anniversary of the brand. The liquid in this bottle is just over 3 years old and it has aged beautifully. One entry per seat reserved, so group reservations under one name gives that guest more chances to win.