Eating Fit at Nightwood – Midweek Food P0rn

Nightwood Kitchen

Nightwood's open kitchen.

I joined yoga instructor and fitness enthusiast Suzanne Ko for her Eatin’-Fit Food Tweetup at Nightwood last week. Chef de Cuisine Jason Vincent was on hand to share his philosophy behind this farm-to-table restaurant and prepare a few dishes for us to try.

Nightwood Smelts

Smelts were served lightly fried.

Like many area restaurants, Nightwood tries to serve the best of what’s in season, know their local producers, and be involved in all aspects of the food including butchering meat — smaller animals are processed in Nightwood’s kitchen. We didn’t get to see that, but we were treated to wonderful samples of trout, smelt, carrots and pate while sipping drinks concocted for the event.

Nightwood Carrots

These were the best carrots I had all winter.

Suzanne plans to hold more gatherings with local foodies and chefs, so follow her on Twitter @SkoFit to get the scoop on future dates. The next event is April 18, Sunday dinner at Floriole Bakery.