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Black Spicy Tuna Roll | Sushi Luxe

Black Spicy Tuna Roll

Most of the sushi delivery options for my neighborhood are pretty awful — soggy fish served in Styrofoam with overcooked edamame. There are wonderful sushi places around, but none of them deliver to my doorstop. It’s tragic. I was on the verge of ordering yet another pizza when I discovered Sushi Luxe on my GrubHub list and decided to try it.

Red Dragon Roll | Sushi Luxe

Red Dragon Roll

What I got was better than most in-restaurant sushi experiences. Each item was carefully packed and padded in its own container, shaped especially for the dish. There were seven different container types in this order — an unexpected and decadent use of plastic.

The sushi was lovely. I always order a spicy tuna roll when I get sushi, and was excited by this black rice version. The texture was a little different, but not too heavy or out-of-balance for sushi rolls. It wasn’t overly spicy and you could still appreciate the texture of the tuna.

The Red Dragon roll was a shrimp tempura roll topped with thick slices of tuna. The combination of textures, of fresh and prepared fish, and flavor was sensational. I don’t normally go for tempura in my sushi, but would definitely order this again.

Sashimi | Sushi Luxe


Since I was splitting my order with a friend, I also ordered a sushi and sashimi combination entrĂ©e. This includes a tuna, shrimp, salmon, and red snapper sushi, a california roll, 9 pieces of chef-selected sashimi, rice and miso soup. Somehow, they managed a beautiful presentation of each piece and delivered excellent fish. I don’t normally rave about California rolls, but this was somehow better than others I’ve had recently, too.

Because I’d had a sweet potato roll at Rise the previous week, I topped off my order with one from Sushi Luxe. It compared favorably, and was actually sweet enough to be dessert.

Sweet Potato Roll | Sushi Luxe

Sweet Potato Roll

About a week after this order, I tried to place another order through GrubHub and discovered that Sushi Luxe had changed their delivery area on the site. I called them directly and it only required a little cajoling to get more sushi delivered to me. As much as I hate calling, I will go back to them again for delivery sushi.

Sushi Luxe
5204 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60640-2102
(773) 334-0770

Ginger tastes like fire
Rolls of flaming maki snap
The bounds of Winter
-My haiku for a recent sushi-making contest

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