Food that Burns – Twitter Round-up

Pad Ped Noh Mai | Opart Thai House

Pad Ped Noh Mai

When I ordered Pad Ped Noh Mai (#86, $6.99) from Opart Thai House, I decided to go all the way and get it hot. My face nearly melted off. There was nothing between me and painful heat except bamboo shoots, a few shrimp and a pocket of white rice. Despite the challenge of finishing the dish before it finished me, I kind of enjoyed myself.

Realizing that others had tried hot & spicy dishes that seared the memory as well as tastebuds, I decided to ask Twitter where people went to burn-baby-burn:

  • @dineanddrinkguy Plz check out the Huevos Locos “Spicy Crazy Eggs” @kitschn #Habanero
  • @readinggirl1984 Arun’s always nails it with the perfect combo of spiciness!
  • @thejeyofcooking Pho’s Hot and Spicy on Lincoln was so hot, I went into labor after eating it!
  • @carolinehoenkThe Pibil torta at Xoco…the habanero sauce on the side adds some serious fire. Yum! cc @Rick_Bayless
  • @dulcita518 @rockitchicago‘s ghost pepper wings
  • @stephalewis Pork tacos al pastor at De Cero in the west loop – just tried them last week, and had me sweatin!! #spicyhot #hurtsogood
  • @CheshmiCheshmi Mount Everest! Extra spicy chana masala. Oof! Just got to trek up to Evanston for it.
  • @hugegaldones Does ghost chili hot sauce from @XmarxChicago count?
  • @bifrojm Northern Thai larb at Sticky Rice ordered medium heat. Srsly.
  • @SKoFit Cochinita Pibil Torta from XOCO! The habanero dipping sauce will burn your mouth, but well worth it!
  • @freshandfoodie Probably the cumin lamb at Lao Sze Chuan in Chinatown. Made my face red and my eyes water.
  • @AshleyWPettit Try the xxx wings at Jake Mellnick’s!

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