Restaurant Week 2011 — Such a Deal at Maxwell’s at the Club


Whitefish with homemade tartar sauce -- the house specialty.

Maxwell’s at the Club, located in the East Bank Club on Kingsbury, is a hidden gem, and I never would’ve given it a second glance if it wasn’t for restaurant week. I’ve never really thought of a restaurant in a health club as a place worth seeking out, but I’m so glad I paused to take a look! The place was hopping, especially the bar.

The restaurant is classy too. It’s open to the public, sports a well-balanced menu of beautiful, flavorful food, has a pleasant dining area that reminded me very much of The Park Grill, and an extremely efficient staff that moves people quickly in and out without being pushy.

The dinner portions leave you stuffed, making the $33 three-course restaurant week offering a good deal. But I’ll do you one better! Every Wednesday night, Maxwell’s has a special — three small plates for $20. These “small plates” are made up of a selection of items from the regular menu — only smaller portions — and that’s all relative because the small plates didn’t look small to me at all. For example, I had whitefish, the house specialty, for my main dish and it was absolutely massive — I’m guessing 12 ounces. When I noticed that whitefish was also a small plate option, I asked about it and was told the portion size would be half of what I was served. Considering that I could only manage to eat half of my fish anyway, the small plate would have been the better bargain — and right-sized too!


The skirtsteak was perfectly prepared.

But back to the restaurant week menu. There were four starters, three main dishes and a number of desserts to choose from. We started with the beet salad, a bright fresh dish, and the cheese and nut stuffed dates, which proved to be creamier than expected.

Then, we moved on to the skirt steak — perfectly cooked and seasoned with chilies and served with some amazing cherry tomatoes — and the aforementioned whitefish that was full of buttery goodness and served with a killer homemade tartar sauce. I think I’d go back just for that tartar sauce, and as a general rule, I don’t like tartar sauce.


Chocolate dessert to die for.

The crowning glory of the meal though was dessert — a warm chocolate souffle cake with raspberry sauce. It was rich, gooey, and in a phase, a little piece of heaven on a plate. Now I must confess… I didn’t share a single bite, and I’ve no regrets. 🙂 It made restaurant week seem like a special occasion.

Maxwell’s at the Club
500 N Kingsbury St
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 527-5800