Feb 282011
Cinnamon & Sugar | Sprinkles

Cinnamon & Sugar cupcake from Sprinkles

I stopped into Sprinkles (50 East Walton) this weekend with a friend, and she ordered a Cinnamon & Sugar cupcake. We got into a raging debate about whether this was actually a cupcake. She argued that it was on the menu, so it must be. I argued that it didn’t have frosting, so it was a muffin.

What say you?

  7 Responses to “Is it a cupcake?”

  1. @ChicagoBites I think it depends on the cake. If it’s a dense crumb, it’s a muffin; if it’s a lighter, fluffier crumb, it’s a cupcake.

  2. Hmm I want to try this now. I’d say it’s a muffin but that doesn’t make it any less delicious!

  3. @geg5150 I think it’s the frosting…you really don’t see muffins w/frosting on them.

  4. @ChicagoBites I guess. But an unfrosted cupcake is still a cupcake. A frosted banana nut muffin doesn’t become a cupcake.

  5. @ChicagoBites But don’t get me wrong, I’d eat a frosted banana muffin in no time! Yum!

  6. @ChicagoBites That’s a muffin if I saw one. A stylish muffin, but still a muffin. Still looks delicious though! http://www.facebook.com/ImIn.com

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