Feb 252011

I think I'm going to indulge this weekend. You?

I’ve been on a chocolate kick lately, and have decided to postpone my planned review today in favor of ending the week with a shot of simple chocolate indulgence.  These beauties are from the Marion Street Cheese Market and are worth a trip to Oak Park if you need a serious fix.  Now on to chocolate Oscars this weekend! Yum!

Marion Street Cheese Market
100 S Marion St
Oak Park, IL 60302-2809
(708) 725-7200

  3 Responses to “A Little Chocolate Decadence”

  1. @ChicagoBites The truffles and turtles on the top shelf in that shot are especially fabulous. If I do say so myself.

  2. @richchocolates I thought you’d say exactly that, and I had some of yours in your honor. Fabulous!

  3. @ChicagoBites 🙂

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