Wing Quest Continues at Joe’s Bar

Joe's Bar

Joe's Bar on Weed Street.

When casting about for good hot wings, I was surprised to hear “Ya know, the wings at Joe’s on Weed are pretty good,” from a number of folks.  When I asked what made them good the answer was universal… “They’re big!” So I decided to go sample these  sizable wings myself.

Officially called Joe’s Bar, but known by everyone as “Joe’s on Weed,” Joe’s is a beloved local concert venue and sports bar, but it’s not a place that normally pops to mind when I’m looking looking to nosh because food isn’t the central thing there. But it will come to mind more readily now because the food is surprisingly good — a major step up from typical bar food and affordable too.


Eat at Joe's.

First off, the wings deserve the accolades. They’re meaty, the sauce is excellent and there are lots to be had. Beyond that, the spinach dip is served warm and is better than what’s often served in many a full-fledged restaurant, the thin crust pizza is tasty and much better than Domino’s, the chili is awesome and tastes homemade, the chicken sandwich is so much better than passable, and the fries are greasy good.

So yeah. Surprise, surprise! Remember to eat at Joe’s next time you’re there — assuming you can get in.  The crowd can make that tough.  But if you manage to reserve a table there, there’s no need to stop for food on the way. I wish I could show you pictures of the food, but it’s just too dark in Joe’s for flash-free photography.  But trust me. The food is worth a  second look.

Joe’s Bar
940 W. Weed St
Chicago, IL 60642
(312) 337-3486