Look for Sweet Ride on the streets of Chicago

Cupcakes are sold in sets of three.

I had the opportunity to hang out with Lupita Kuri, owner of Sweet Ride, as she took her van out for her first weekend of business. She was still finding a rhythm with parking, equipment and sharing menu choices, but the cupcakes were ready for prime time.

I asked Kuri why she decided to enter an increasingly crowded cupcake truck field, and she replied there was an opportunity to make her cupcake truck mark with an emphasis on quality, sustainability and community. When she bakes, she only uses cage-free chicken eggs and tries to use organic ingredients whenever possible. The packaging and utensils are made with sustainable and recycled materials. With every bag of puppy treats sold, a percentage goes to local animal shelters and organizations supporting animal welfare. However, she can’t seem to resist giving puppies free treats.

Whoopie Pies flavors: Sweetie Pie or Whoop It Good

Most importantly, the cupcakes taste as good as they look. Kuri loaded me up with both her Chocolate Lovers box filled with a trio of Dark Chocolate, Black/White & Red Velvet cupcakes; and her Signature Sweets box with Sweet Potato, Red Velvet & Vanilla Bean cupcakes. $5 for a variety box of three miniatures. The Red Velvet is a worthy repeat in those mixes — it will keep both chocoholics and cream cheese frosting fanatics very happy. I recommend eating the cupcakes the same day they were baked since the smaller cupcakes tend to dry out faster. It shouldn’t be a problem.

You can also get a cupcake fix in the form of Whoopie Pies — chocolate with a marshmallow cream filling or red velvet tops with whipped cream cheese. If you want something smaller, try a Cupcakepop — a tiny frosted cupcake served on a stick. $3 each. I liked these delicious and novel ways to get my cupcake fix.

In order to get your cupcake fix, look for Sweet Ride on weekends. You can get route and time details on her Web Site, Twitter account, or via Facebook.

Note: Samples were provided free of charge for this review.