Hot Wing Twitter Round-Up


Lookin' for something finger lickin' good? Here are hot wing recs.

Due to popular demand, here’s a recap of all of the hot wing recommendations you’ve shared with us this week on Twitter. There are some seriously good eats here, and hot wings are no doubt in our future! Let us know if you have any other additions, and I’ll update the list. That way, if you crave wings this weekend you’ll be set!

  • @TheAW1 Hooters 911 Wings.
  • @soneshk buffalo joe’s, Evanston
  • @oldeskewl Re: Chik wngs – have yet to find anything truly exceptional, Fifty/50’s are good
  • @evansde77 Mike & Denises pizzeria & pub in Aurora do really good wings.
  • @windycitysocial LOVE hot wings. Theory has great buffalo chicken strips
  • @FrankChow Crisp, are the best wings I’ve had of late. (they offer a fair amount of heat as well as flavor)
  • @carolhoffman Garlic Hot Wings from Gator’s Wing Shack. They win at Wingfest year after year!
  • @carolhoffman They really are my absolute favorite, and I am a wing NUT. Chicago Wingfest happens each February –!
  • @hriefs McGee’s (size), Buffalo Joe’s (sauce), Yak-zee’s (overall)
  • @littbitt BW3’s (Blazing), Buffalo Joe’s in Evanston, and winner of the Chicago Wingfest several years ago Doyle’s Pub, Richmond, IL
  • @Chefosaurus_Jam duffs. Duh
  • @sunpech have you tried Buffalo Joe’s up in Evanston for hot wings?!
  • @sunpech I also enjoy Great Seas ( and Take Me Out ( for Korean Fried Chicken.

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