First Look at M. Henrietta – M. Henry’s Little Sister

Grilled Trout

Grilled trout.

M. Henry is the only brunch place where I allow myself to order two entrees when I can’t decide what I want, and I’ve never once felt guilty about such an indulgence. In fact, I usually leave wanting more because the food is just that good. Now I can get more at its sister restaurant, M. Henrietta — there’s a dinner menu available in addition to breakfast, brunch and lunch!

Located near Loyola University, right off the red line Granville stop, M. Henrietta was named by a waitress in a bar where the owner was brainstorming name ideas, and it’s certainly influenced by M. Henry. You can order a signature stack of blackberry bliss cakes at brunch for example, and fresh seasonal food populates its menu. The look and feel of the place is the same too, but the dining room is smaller.  Still, M. Henrietta is not a carbon copy — it’s dinner menu is completely original — and the little sister may soon build a rep all its own.  It’s cozy, affordable, a BYOB, caters to locals and cranks out solid dishes.

I get the impression that the dinner menu is a work in progress — still searching for identity.  It’s not overly extensive but the items on it are varied — you can get anything from adobo chicken to a Pan Asian noodle bowl. My friend Susan and I opted for our waitress’s recommendations — A seasonal salad; northern great lakes grilled trout topped with lemon caper sauce served with jasmine vegetable rice, veggies and rosemary potatoes; and a butternut squash main dish served with seasonal vegetables.

Sour Cherry Pie

Sour Cherry Pie

Both entres were good, especially the trout, and the portions were perfect. But I have to admit, nothing on the dinner table wowed me the way bliss cakes do.  That is nothing wowed me until dessert was served.  We split a piece of sour cherry pie with fresh whipped cream that was simply spectacular.

More eating must be done at M. Henrietta for me to give you a more well-rounded report and I want to give them some time to settle in.  You’ll hear no balking from me about return visits. With the bill coming in at a manageable $25 per person, several trips back are easily doable. I’m tempted to ask if I can order bliss cakes for dinner next time!

M. Henrietta
1133 W Granville Ave
Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 761-9700