Dec 132010
Pequod's Pizza

Pequod's signature crust makes it my new deep dish fav.

Deep dish pizza is essential to surviving a Chicago winter. That’s because when the arctic chill and snow assault sets in, you need a meal that sticks to your bones.  And if you’re lucky, you can have your deep dish fortification delivered so you can muster the bravery to face the elements in the first place.  There’s quite a range in deep dish recipes though.

My favorite has long been Pizano’s because I like the crisp butter crust it’s famous for, but I’m reassessing that. I recently discovered Pequod’s, and  its deep dish is simply mouthwatering. The crust is perfect… crispy and slightly burned at the edges, which makes for a unique complement to the bubbly, cheesy center. All of the pizza ingredients appear to be quality too — fresh mushrooms and excellent sausage. And to top it off, Pequod’s is an official Blackhawks bar. Score! I suggest you go check it out on game night or have a pie delivered on a snowy night and root the Hawks on to victory from the comfort of your living room. Either way, your taste buds will do a happy dance, and the subzero temps may not seem so bad.

What’s your favorite deep dish pizza? Leave us a comment or drop us a line on Twitter telling us what you like and why.

Chicago Pequod’s
2207 N. Clybourn Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

Morton Grove Pequod’s
8520 Fernald Ave.
Morton Grove, IL 60053

  5 Responses to “Deep Dish Pizza — Key to Winter Survival”

  1. @ChicagoBites Lou Malnati’s, here. Co-workers have been on a Begger’s Pizza kick recently, but I don’t care for their sauce.

  2. @ChicagoBites Was just at Pequod’s the other night. Delicioso indeed! And the thongs strung behind the bar are an interesting flourish.

  3. @ChicagoBites Lou Malnati’s, here. Love the diced tomato in the sauce.

  4. RT @ChicagoBites: [Post] Deep Dish Pizza — Key to Winter Survival

  5. Man that looks awesome…too bad I’m cutting back on carbs through the end of the year!

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