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Dec 072010

The annual Christkindlmarket is happening in Daley Plaza now through December 24. People go to see the tree or get their picture taken with Santa Claus, but me? I go for mulled wine served in a boot, Kim & Scott’s pretzels, and candied almonds. There’s a feast of German comfort food available and something to put everyone in the holiday spirit:

  • German Bratwurst

    German Bratwurst

  • Candied Nuts

    Candied Nuts

  • Candied Nuts

    Candied Nuts

  • Chocolate Orange

    Chocolate Orange

  • Marzipan Pigs

    Marzipan Pigs

  • Grandma's Baked Apple

    Grandma's Baked Apple

  • Cleaning the Kettle

    Cleaning the Kettle

  • Helmut's Strudel

    Helmut's Strudel

  • German Handbread

    German Handbread

  • Dinkel's Strudel

    Dinkel's Strudel

  • Potato Pancakes and Crepes

    Potato Pancakes and Crepes

  • Santas


  • Glogg


  • Christmas Soda

    Christmas Soda

  • Truffles


  • Strudels


  • Pretzel


  • Boot


See more of my Christkinklmarket photo spread on Grubstreet.

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