Aspire Coffeeworks for your morning cup o’ joe

If you’re still on the hunt for a holiday gift or a way to wake up after a raucous New Year’s Eve, consider this local coffee charity. Aspire Coffeeworks is a work placement program for people with disabilities with 100% of their proceeds go towards projects that help the disabled become independent.

Aspire Coffeeworks

Aspire Roast from Aspire Coffeeworks

Aspire partners with Metropolis Coffee Company to insure a quality roast. Even better? All their coffee is fair trade certified and organic. Coffee may make you jittery, but you can certainly feel good about this.

How does it taste? Very mild with slightly sweet, mellow flavor. I will venture to guess that people who are accustomed to a hearty brew won’t enjoy it as much as people with a lighter palate. I found that it’s a nice backdrop to flavored creamers or even a few teaspoons of eggnog!

Want some? You can pick up a bag from Aspire Coffeeworks at area stores. See all locations here.

We received samples of coffee free-of-charge.