Thanksgiving Must-Have Dish – Twitter Round-up

Thanksgiving Dinner

What's on your plate?

We asked our Twitter followers what dish MUST be on the plate tomorrow for Thanksgiving (aside from the obvious turkey). There seems to be a near-universal cry for stuffing and healthy split on the green bean casserole issue. Regardless, it seems we’ll all walk away full:

  • @Piratealice No Thanksgiving is complete without Canned Unicorn Meat w/extra sparkles.
  • @osburnrenn Cornbread dressing (not to be confused with “stuffing”)
  • @volgablue Green Bean Casserole is the first thing that comes to my mind.
  • @djnathan Stuffing…it’s all about the stuffing!
  • @lorettalane My fav Thanksgiving dish would have to be my Grandmother’s Polish noodles- always on the table during holidays!
  • @litolits A noodle dish to symbolize long life. It’s either Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo or Crispy Chow Mein w/ shrimps & mixed veggies.
  • @SweetGalit I’m getting ready for Chanuckah
  • @HatsOffToFood I absolutely have to have stuffing. IT IS A MUST! LOL
  • @rebeccawilova *gags at green bean casserole* however, I love the cranberry sauce shaped like a can…
  • @ginnygetsfloury My mom’s stuffing!
  • @evansde77 Chestnut & celery stuffing
  • @Piratealice And stuffing… if there isn’t stuffing and green bean casserole, I’m staying home.
  • @eatitdrinkit No doubt, my bourbon maple sweet potatoes.
  • @Piratealice GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE!! (and cranberries – shaped like the can….)
  • @lilloco Cornbread stuffing! I could eat a big plate of only stuffing and be very thankful. we don’t do green bean casserole… ick
  • @dianalynnnguyen Gravy . . . and um, eggrolls (not kidding).
  • @Dr_Drea Sweeet potattttuhh casserooooolllllle!! YUM
  • @readinggirl1984 Sweet potatoes/yams. Don’t care how they’re served: pie, pie with marshmallows, mashed with nuts on top. Must have this!
  • @gershbec SUSHI!!
  • @hiptobebop STUFFING.
  • @saramay47 Refried beans!
  • @JessicaDembo Stuffing! 🙂
  • @Subfoods Gravy and mash.
  • @BitXDeadweight Homemade cranberry sauce. Easy to make, delicious to eat.
  • @loveandtennis I gotta have sweet potatoes
  • @kayleemt Deviled eggs (tradition in our house). More classic Thanksgiving though? Sweet potatoes; first glass of spiked eggnog
  • @jackvinson Pumplin pie.
  • @ChaiChatter Stuffing/Dressing
  • @Food4MediaUSA Lasagna
  • @spinalfusion Stuffing.
  • @chicagofoodies I’d almost give stuffing priority over the turkey!
  • @lilnerdette STUFFING (with gravy and cranberry sauce!)