Nov 242010
Thanksgiving Dinner

What's on your plate?

We asked our Twitter followers what dish MUST be on the plate tomorrow for Thanksgiving (aside from the obvious turkey). There seems to be a near-universal cry for stuffing and healthy split on the green bean casserole issue. Regardless, it seems we’ll all walk away full:

  • @Piratealice No Thanksgiving is complete without Canned Unicorn Meat w/extra sparkles.
  • @osburnrenn Cornbread dressing (not to be confused with “stuffing”)
  • @volgablue Green Bean Casserole is the first thing that comes to my mind.
  • @djnathan Stuffing…it’s all about the stuffing!
  • @lorettalane My fav Thanksgiving dish would have to be my Grandmother’s Polish noodles- always on the table during holidays!
  • @litolits A noodle dish to symbolize long life. It’s either Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo or Crispy Chow Mein w/ shrimps & mixed veggies.
  • @SweetGalit I’m getting ready for Chanuckah
  • @HatsOffToFood I absolutely have to have stuffing. IT IS A MUST! LOL
  • @rebeccawilova *gags at green bean casserole* however, I love the cranberry sauce shaped like a can…
  • @ginnygetsfloury My mom’s stuffing!
  • @evansde77 Chestnut & celery stuffing
  • @Piratealice And stuffing… if there isn’t stuffing and green bean casserole, I’m staying home.
  • @eatitdrinkit No doubt, my bourbon maple sweet potatoes.
  • @Piratealice GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE!! (and cranberries – shaped like the can….)
  • @lilloco Cornbread stuffing! I could eat a big plate of only stuffing and be very thankful. we don’t do green bean casserole… ick
  • @dianalynnnguyen Gravy . . . and um, eggrolls (not kidding).
  • @Dr_Drea Sweeet potattttuhh casserooooolllllle!! YUM
  • @readinggirl1984 Sweet potatoes/yams. Don’t care how they’re served: pie, pie with marshmallows, mashed with nuts on top. Must have this!
  • @gershbec SUSHI!!
  • @hiptobebop STUFFING.
  • @saramay47 Refried beans!
  • @JessicaDembo Stuffing! 🙂
  • @Subfoods Gravy and mash.
  • @BitXDeadweight Homemade cranberry sauce. Easy to make, delicious to eat.
  • @loveandtennis I gotta have sweet potatoes
  • @kayleemt Deviled eggs (tradition in our house). More classic Thanksgiving though? Sweet potatoes; first glass of spiked eggnog
  • @jackvinson Pumplin pie.
  • @ChaiChatter Stuffing/Dressing
  • @Food4MediaUSA Lasagna
  • @spinalfusion Stuffing.
  • @chicagofoodies I’d almost give stuffing priority over the turkey!
  • @lilnerdette STUFFING (with gravy and cranberry sauce!)

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