Sandeman Port Tasting

Sandeman Ports

10, 20, 30 and 40 year old ports from Sandeman.

The folks from Sandeman rolled into town a few weeks ago, giving me an opportunity to try their line of ports. Port is something I usually reach for if I’m eating a rich, chocolate dessert. According to George Sandeman, our host for lunch, it is a typically English way to enjoy this wine; however, in other cultures port is considered an aperitif. Our lunch was probably atypical because we drank port throughout the meal and for dessert.

Sandeman Cocktail

Cocktail of Founders Reserve, orange and mint.

We started with a cocktail made of Founders Reserve, a blend of vintages aged for five years, muddled with mint and served over ice with a slice of orange. I expected the drink to be cloying and sweet, but was surprised that it was the exact opposite. It was refreshing and something I could easily make and serve at a soiree.

Glasses of Port | Sandeman

We enjoyed a full pour of each port.

They poured out the 10, 20, 30 and 40 year old ports for us to try — each richer, and more deeply flavored that the next. I had never tasted a line of ports side-by-side before, and was surprised by how different they were while still retaining enough character for me to distinguish them from other brands of port. However, it comes as absolutely no shock that I preferred the 40 year old blend. If you ever have the opportunity to sample it, do not pass it up!

George Sandeman

George Sandeman

You can learn more about Sandeman port here.

This was a media event. Lunch and port were provided free of charge.

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