Nov 012010

[The poll is closed! Thanks to all who voted!]

If a zillion different bakeries weren’t enough, Chicago now has four cupcake trucks on the streets! I’m polling Chicago’s cupcake aficionados to find out who you think has the sweetest ride:

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  5 Responses to “Poll: Who’s got the sweetest ride?”

  1. @ChicagoBites It’s hard to tell from the photos. Why don’t we have them all come to my house and I’ll decide while eating cupcakes.

  2. @EatinSandwiches If I had that kind of power, they’d be at my house. Hahaha. You can click to embiggen the photos.

  3. That would be @FlirtyCupcakes ! Duh!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ RT @ChicagoBites [Cupcake Post] Poll: Who’s got the sweetest ride?… Vote!

  4. RT @ChicagoBites: [Cupcake Post] Poll: Who’s got the sweetest ride?

  5. […] ran a poll on November 2 about who had the sweetest cupcake van in Chicago. However, I feel the need to run it again to be […]

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