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I spend a lot of time on Chicago Bites going from restaurant to restaurant, reporting back on the best the city has to offer. While it’s important to go wide and sample, I think it’s equally challenging to see how deep a restaurant’s repertoire is. So today I’m starting a new series documenting my effort to eat one restaurant’s menu. I wanted something reasonably priced, in my neighborhood, and with a delivery option.

Opart Thai House on Western fit all my criteria. There are a two menu selections that contain food allergens (#74 Pad Preow Waan & #94 Gaeng Pet Ped) and a few more that are way out of bounds for my diet, but I figure I can find foodie volunteers to cover the impossible for me. The rest is a growth opportunity.

There are 114 dishes. 120, if you count all the beverages including the Diet Coke. I will likely try all the beverages during the course of this adventure but won’t report back on the Diet Coke. Fair? Fair.

Gaeng Gari & Cucumber Salad | Opart Thai House

The heat can be adjusted in most dishes to mild, medium, hot, or very hot.

To start things off, I picked up a carry-out order of Gaeng Gari (#92, $7.99), a spicy mixture of yellow curry, sweet potatoes, coconut milk and shrimp. It seems like a simple dish, but I’m quite certain this recipe can cure the common cold. In fact, next time I’m feeling under the weather I’m going to order curry at full strength to sweat out what ails me. Served over a side of rice ($1.00), it’s an excellent dish for the able-bodied, as well.

A salad of Cucumber Delight (#42, $3.99) was nearly as large as my curry order, unlike the paltry servings I’ve had at other Thai restaurants. It comes with red onions and jalapeƱos served with a sweet dressing. It was a perfect counterpoint to the spiciness of the curry. I’m going to have trouble not ordering it every time I go.

For about $15, I had enough food for dinner and lunch the next day.

Opart Thai House

Opart Thai House is located on a busy stretch of Western.

Opart Thai House
4658 North Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625-2043
(773) 989-8517

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