Nov 172010
Apple Pie

Pie - the up and coming dessert?

I just read an article by the NYT that pie is gaining on cupcakes for top treat. I believe there is room for all sugary confections at our collective table, though I can see where dominant food trends are of interest. What do you think? Is pie the next big dessert? What about macaroons or popsicles? Or are cupcakes still numero uno?

I think you know how I’ll vote.

  3 Responses to “NYT tells the cupcake to move over & make room for pie”

  1. I think cupcakes will stay on top. A single serving that’s easily turned into a sweet treat for a friend or loved one is the way to go.

  2. @chicagobites Sounds like a country song.

  3. @mikeandchaochow Heh, it kinda does

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