Food P0rn: More Croissants Please!


Croissant basket with brunch.

Croissant Quest 2010 may be said and done, but really the quest for good food never ends. That’s why I was thrilled to recently rediscover the scrumptious pastry basket at Cafe des Architectes. Located in the Sofitel Hotel by the water tower, Cafe des Architectes brings said basket to each table during brunch, and there’s usually enough to take some home for later. ┬áThe chocolate-filled croissants are my favorite — along with a hefty cup of French-press coffee — but the traditional croissants are also excellent — buttery and flaky but moist and not too dry. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water, and I’m sorely tempted to go get one right now!

Cafe des Architectes
20 E Chestnut St
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 324-4000

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