Coke Freestyle — Mix Soda to Your Heart’s Content

106 Choices

106 Choices to mix and match.

We usually avoid blatant advertising like the plague, but when Coca-cola invited us to a blogger event last weekend and offered to mix us speciality sodas, we were intrigued. The new Freestyle Coke machine gives you more than a hundred different drink combos all in one.  It takes you back to childhood days when mixing your own concoction at the soda machine in the cafeteria was a good time. Sure, the Freestyle machine is more high tech but it inspires nostalgia with its  variety of sugary possibilities.

Using the machine

Using the machine.

There is even a button that transfers the mixing power from the touch screen to a control that is located lower down for wheelchair access.  Unfortunately the button wasn’t working when I was there, and that made me wonder why a new machine isn’t accessible to everyone without a special button. Couldn’t the flat screen be lower? Then again, that might make kid access too easy.  Regardless, the Freestyle machine, located at the Cosi at 230 W Washington and soon to be at more locations, is a fun concept worth checking out.

This was a media event and we sampled Coca-Cola products and Cosi food free-of-charge.