Finding French Onion Soup – Twitter Round-up

French Onion Soup | John Barleycorn

French Onion Soup from John Barleycorn

The weather’s changing and that has us on the hunt for a great bowl of French onion soup. Here are some suggestions from our Twitter followers:

  • @kbernot La sardine! giant, bubbly cheese and pastry top.
  • @GourmetRambler La Creperie, hands down, the best French onion soup. No question.
  • @SignatureRoom95 Bistro 110 has the best French onion soup in the city!
  • @Stuccolow Golden Steer in Forest Park.
  • @MannyNavar @RockitChicago has the city’s best French Onion soup
  • @nadarine Cafe Bernard/Red Rooster on Halsted
  • @hriefs Le Bouchon
  • @ilyses Cafe Central in Highland Park. Which is not Chicago, but is good nonetheless:)
  • @amandagilmore I had some delish french onion soup at the Four Seasons over the weekend