Foodie Costume Ideas – Twitter Round-up

Sugar Skulls

Sugar skulls for sale at the National Museum of Mexican Art.

As people who love food and write about it, naturally we wanted food-related costumes for Halloween. We racked our brains, but decided to ask our wonderful Twitter followers for inspiration. With suggestions ranging from meat dresses to “bad boy” chefs, we got some great ideas:

  • @gastronautmike I’m probably going as an old-timey bartender guy. Hopefully no one else at work will have the same idea…
  • @KFPopcorn Kernel Fabyan’s How about a Colonel, er, Kernel?
  • @Dee_Fabulous My hubby, @senecadj wants to go as a @thepublican2008 server 😉 Needless to say, it’s his fave resto.
  • @readinggirl1984 A friend + her co-workers dressed up as food product characters: Morton Salt girl, Land o’ Lakes butter girl, Juan Valdez, etc.
  • @zero1 I was going to dress up as a slice of pizza, my son as a hamburger and the dog as a hot dog but got vetoed by the wife.
  • @filmbuffy Why not dress up as @grahamelliot? Then someone else dress as Chicago Mag. reporter from Lolla-and be beat up w/black eye.
  • @glamah A long time ago I came as a bunch of grapes.
  • @bexrunschicago A cupcake that just missed the cupcake fad? Ditto to pork belly? A Korean taco?
  • @deliciouscafe I’m going as dead grapes.
  • @ihno29 A costume that keeps on giving – An 85-lb Meat Dress made from rib eye, porterhouse, and kobe beef
  • @marzletM How about a bottle of Sriacha rooster hot sauce for your Halloween costume? Red outfit, lots of white puffy paint + a green hat!