If we throw a coin into the faux fountain, can we get some real Italian food?

Faux Trevi Fountain

A faux Trevi Fountain graces Daley Plaza.

I was innocently walking along Washington Boulevard, fully prepared to make another homage to Hannah’s Bretzel, when I found myself drawn the the Trevi Fountain in Daley Plaza. Yes indeed! There’s a replica of Rome’s most famous fountain sitting next to the Picasso. It’s in honor of Fiera Italiana, a heavily commercial and somewhat questionable celebration of Italian heritage that’s here through Friday.

Food vendors at Fiera Italiana

Food vendors at Fiera Italiana.

The food is nothing to take you out of your way unless you’re looking for a break from your routine and a chance to gawk at the spectacle of it all. There are a half-dozen booths serving meatball subs, tortellinis and cannoli at the usual downtown prices. My recommendation? Save your coin or drop one into the fountain on your way through Daley Plaza.

Cannoli | Fiera Italiana

The cannoli looks weak.