Sep 282010

What’s great about Chicago Gourmet are the opportunities to meet and talk to the chefs that make this city’s food scene so amazing. Most of the food that is served at the event is from the chef’s own hand, so it’s easy to have a conversation at the tasting pavilions or at one of the many cooking demonstrations.

There were over one hundred Chicago chefs at Millenium Park over the weekend. Here are a few of them at work:

As media, we attended this event free-of-charge.

  5 Responses to “Chef Spotting at Chicago Gourmet”

  1. @ChicagoBites how was Chicago gourmet. I didn’t go this year.

  2. @ChicagoBites I know what it is. I was asking how was this years event.

  3. @Gourmetlawyer Over last year? About the same.

  4. @ChicagoBites k

  5. @Gourmetlawyer Re: #ChiGourmet, it’s a great place to meet & run into chefs, swill wine, etc. More details on our site if you’re interested

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