“Carbo-loading for 10-10-10” Twitter Round-up

Pane Caldo | Pasta

A big bowl of pasta from Pane Caldo? Energy!

If you have out-of-town guests coming into the city to run the marathon on 10-10-10, then you’ll probably need to feed them tons of pasta. If you don’t want to cook up the carbs yourself, here are a few places recommended by our Twitter followers:

  • @KeepMoochin Load up at Eleven City Diner with some challah french toast w/ bananas & chocolate chips, then Bongo Room for dessert
  • @ChefBillyParisi Pasta Palazzo for 10-10-10? Super cheap and tasty Italian pastas in LP!
  • @ChefDeLaPiff Maybe Maggianos, go family style.
  • @MrsCrank Laschet’s Inn‎: Ate there before the 13.1 half marathon in June – giant soft pretzels and potato pancakes! Carb-eriffic!
  • @WindyCitySki Pasta Palazzo (Halsted & Armitage) gets me my carb fix while I am getting ready for the ski season and its FANTASTIC!
  • @BunnyBite Can it be sugary carbs? More Cupcakes.
  • @Dee_Fabulous To be honest, Maggiano’s. HUGE portions and all the bread you can eat.
  • @carolinehoenk I LOVE Pelago. Other favs include Prosecco and Cibo Matto.
  • @tiffanichicago Carmines, Rosebud, Quartinos
  • @RajivMote Volare on Grand & St. Clair. Perfect pasta, delicious sauces.
  • @sdapasen Pasta Palazzo in Lincoln Park. Their Gnocchis are amazing, especially the Jalapeño Gnocchi. Must try!
  • @greekalicious Sapori in Lincoln Park! Soooo good!
  • @richft349 Volare is the best pasta in Chicago
  • @SKoFit Fresh handcrafted pasta from @PastaPuttana!
  • @Caitlin_Coulomb Pasta Bowl!
  • @mnichols79 I always love Trattoria No. 10
  • @lacabezaG Lately, I’ve been hitting it homestyle at Cafe Bionda in the South Loop. Filling food.
  • @cheapdate The Village at Italian Village. The old school way to do it is to eat in the bar and get the recommendation from bartender.

Thanks to our Twitter followers for the ideas. Clearly we’ll need to go into training to eat all that pasta! Have a question for our twitter community? Give us a shout out @chicagobites.