Brunch at Fiddlehead

As of February 2011, Fiddlehead is now known as Fork. Update your speed dial.

Truffled Eggs

Truffled Eggs

If you’re tired of the same ol’ same ol’ in Lincoln Square (I’m looking at you, Cafe Selmarie), don’t want to wait forever to squeeze into a tiny space (eh-hem, Pannenkoeken), and want a step above diners (I still love ya, Golden Angel) then consider Fiddlehead Cafe. I confess, I hadn’t thought much about it lately, but went along with the suggestion of some Twitter friends.

We got a seat right away, which was a nice surprise for Sunday brunch. The windows were open onto Lincoln Avenue, so we had a cool sidewalk cafe experience without the bother of having to actually sit outside. It was a lovely spot to linger and chat over a casual meal.

Salmon | Fiddlehead Cafe

Salmon with brioche toast points.

The brunch menu was a step above the fare found within walking distance of the Western brown line stop. We tried both the savory and sweet sides of the menu, and no one was disappointed with their ever-so-lovingly plated dishes. Two days later and I’m still craving a little cinnamon butter for my morning Wheaties. Good stuff.

The only downside was the slow service. They weren’t overrun with customers, but we had to wait a forever and a day for our drinks and then to place our orders. It’s a mistake to make me wait for caffeine. I was precariously close to growling. That aside, the staff did accommodate a special request from our table and handled the split checks and mixed payments without confusion. I’ll keep them in mind next time I’m looking for a nice brunch spot in Lincoln Square.

Waffle | Fiddlehead Cafe

Waffle with cinnamon butter and blackberry compote

$15 a person for brunch.

Fiddlehead Cafe
4600 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 751-1500