A Greasy Spoon with Class?

Elly's Extior

A diner is a diner, right?

Can a greasy spoon have class?  Elly’s Pancake House on Clark and North Avenue comes close. That’s because the dining space has been remodeled to be light, airy, and comfortable.  Low hanging smoke-stained tiles have been knocked out to expose high ceilings covered in silver duct work, the old carpeting is gone and replaced by a hard, clean, floor and new furniture complements this fresh look. Elly’s is a step up in comparison to its predecessors.

Inside Elly's

Inside Elly's.

The building has been a 24-hour diner for more than a decade, and during that time has changed hands three times. First it was Mitchell’s (a place I will always hold near and dear), then Micheal’s (which I loathed because no matter what I ordered there the food always ended up making me sick), and now Elly’s.

The food at Elly’s is average at best — typical diner food — and honestly you can find higher quality pancakes at the Original Pancake House.  I’ve been there for both breakfast and lunch, have sampled a variety of things on the menu from omelets to salads, and the food is sustaining but quite literally nothing to write home about. Still, Elly’s is a nice 24-hour dining option with free wi-fi (the restaurant phone number is the current pass code) that lends itself to settling in for awhile.  The service is good and friendly, and my coffee cup was never neglected. That’s a big score in my book.

Chicken salad

Chicken salad lunch.

Elly’s Pancake House
101 West North Avenue
Chicago, IL 60610-1302
(312) 643-2300
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*Note: Elly’s also has two suburban locations. See their Web site for details.

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