Upper limits in Cupcake Research? Nah…

Flourish Lemon Cupcake

Alliance Bakery Strawberry Cupcake

Sensational Bites Vanilla Malt Cupcake

I’ve been busy working on the next version of the Cupcake Crawl Guide, ya’ll! I had grand plans to put out quarterly updates when I first started this project, but honestly there are only so many I can eat before I burn out and can’t make myself go into bakeries. I’m trying to space things out a bit so that doesn’t happen again, but I got super busy on Friday and went to four different spots — Flourish, Alliance Bakery, Sensational Bites, & Luscious Layers. Fortunately, I remembered one of the biggest rules in cupcake research: bring a friend to help eat the cupcakes! (Thanks, Karen!)

Luscious Layers Baileys Cupcake

By the way, the current draft is 60 pages long with 46 planned cupcake profiles. That number will vary as I start to edit and ponder the merits of a place’s cupcake offerings, but my hope is that it gets bigger and not smaller. If you have a cupcake bakery in mind, please let me know. There’s still time to get it in the next version.

Yours in cupcakes,