Aug 112010

I got into a debate with my fellow cupcake researchers about whether or not frosting was a requirement for cupcakes. The bakery we were at had a gluten-free option, but the cupcake didn’t have frosting on top. In fact, it had nothing. My first thought was to include it in the guide, but then I wondered if it really met the definition.

Admittedly, some places have alternate toppings on their cupcakes. More has a lemon cupcake that’s topped with meringue, and Sprinkles has a cinnamon sugar cupcake that’s sans frosting. Are these technically cupcakes? Or are they just tasty dessert impostors?

My feeling is frosting is a must, but I agreed to settle it here. What do you think? Is frosting a requirement for your cupcake?

  5 Responses to “Should cupcakes have frosting?”

  1. @ChicagoBites Yes, otherwise it is a muffin.

  2. @ChicagoBites its just a naked muffin with out frosting. a delicious delicious naked muffin maybe, but it needs something on top.

  3. @ChicagoBites cupcake – frosting = muffin !!!

  4. @bookchick12 @emptychampagne @knottheoretic @paigeworthy @aworth say cupcakes w/out frosting r muffins,what do you say?

  5. RT @ChicagoBites: @bookchick12 @emptychampagne @knottheoretic @paigeworthy @aworth say cupcakes w/out frosting r muffins,what do you say …

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