Outdoor Happy Hour? Go Epic

Patio bar

The rooftop bar is just that -- no food is served.

Sometimes with restaurants, it’s worth it to try… try again. I was reminded of that recently at Epic.

We were decidedly underwhelmed earlier this year when we went there for dinner. So much so, that we never got around to posting a review. But it turns out that Epic has some serious happy hour chops.  The cocktails are good, the available wine list is small but interesting, and the bar food is nothing to scoff at — especially the sliders and the goat cheese.  Yum!

Epic patio

The rooftop patio at epic is a happy happy hour spot.

The true crown jewel of Epic’s happy hour though is its beautiful rooftop patio.  It rivals Roof at the Whit and Vertigo at the Dana Hotel as far as comfort, surpasses both on spaciousness, and kicks The Conrad’s ass with its “city view.” My only complaint is no food is served on the rooftop — it’s drinks only.  Still, the indoor lounge area is comfy and modern (and empty if you get there early enough), so it’s not a hardship to grab a bite or two down there before heading upstairs.

Happy hour was so successful that I’m tempted to give dinner at Epic another go — maybe even complete a full dining review! Regardless, I’ll be hanging out on that patio again before summer’s done. It’s a find.

112 W Hubbard St
Chicago, IL 60654-4504
(312) 222-4940
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  1. Ginny left a comment on August 5, 2010 at 8:53 am

    well, the menu does look good… what was wrong with it the first time? I’d be game to try it… be back in chicago in two weeks… let me know when yall are eating! 🙂

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