Oak Mill Bakery – Croissant Quest 2010

Oak Mill Bakery | Spinach Croissant

Spinach Croissant

Sitting in Oak Mill Bakery, I had a very earnest conversation with my friend Karen over the essential qualities of croissants. It’s good to revisit the topic and to see someone else apply their croissant judging skillz. I usually go for the plain croissants, but Karen had one of the spinach and feta-filled. According to her, it was very tasty with a strong, robust feta. The pastry, on the other hand, was a tad dense & chewy — perhaps necessary to support the filling. I had the plain, butter croissant, but it was unremarkable. While light and flaky, it was also very dry and didn’t have any distinctive butteriness.

Oak Mill Bakery | Croissant


I liked Oak Mill. It’s a smallish, comfortable space with warm light. The staff didn’t mind us lingering over our baked goods even though we were there a while. Pictures of their specialty cakes are posted on the walls and there’s a huge book to browse through more. It’s their main line of business, and I’ll definitely keep them in mind if I need a cake made. I just wish their croissants were more impressive.

Oak Mill Bakery

Inside Oak Mill Bakery

Plain croissant $1.25
Spinach croissant $1.95
Ham & cheese croissant $2.25

Oak Mill Bakery
2204 W. North Avenue
Chicago IL 60647
(773) 252-4400

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