Aug 122010
Mango Snow Ice

A snack-sized mango snow ice at Cloud 9.

I’ve had dessert on the brain lately — dessert of the icy kind to help me stay cool. So when a friend suggested that we try the snow ice at Cloud 9 on Belmont, I was all in.

Snow ice is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. The texture of cotton candy, it’s a light and fluffy cross between ice cream and a snow cone.  The ice is shaved off a large block, and the smallest snack portion is piled so high that it’s intimidating. But the ice itself is so airy that it’s easy to plow through.

We tried the mango flavor topped with mango sauce, and it was flavorful throughout and refreshing. This stuff puts a traditional snow cone to shame. Plus, you can’t beat the low calorie count. All of the fruit toppings are made out of pure fruit to keep it healthy too.  I tried a classic Asian milk tea with the snow ice, which reminded me very much of a Thai iced tea sans the coconut, and it was good too, although very sweet.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Cloud 9 storefront is the most wheelchair accessible I’ve ever seen in that neighborhood. I’d even go so far as to call it barrier free with a door button outside and behind the counter, which allows the staff can open the door for customers if the outside button isn’t working, tables with adjustable heights, and a spacious wheelchair accessible restroom complete with a hands-free soap dispenser.

I really liked my Asian snow ice and was so impressed with the friendly service and accessibility that Cloud 9 will most likely be a must stop sort of place for me whenever I happen by.

Cloud 9
604 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657
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  10 Responses to “Did Snow Ice Take Me to Cloud 9?”

  1. @ChicagoBites Sounds like Hawaiian shave ice!

  2. @RichChocolates Yes, it does indeed! But it doesn’t taste like Hawaiian shave ice. Turns out I like snow ice better!

  3. @ChicagoBites Cloud 9 has bubble tea now? When I was there near their opening, they were VERY limited. Didn’t really like it

  4. @ChicagoBites I’ve been craving shave ice since my honeymoon- the hubs and I will definitely check this place out!

  5. @Mattsland What didn’t you like? Lack of variety?

  6. @RichChocolates Report back. Wanna know what you think! BTW, here’s our take on Hawaiian shave ice Different textures.

  7. @ChicagoBites Moreso the texture. I felt like I was biting into a fistful of barely sweetened snow. Numbingly cold, too.

  8. @Mattsland Humm. Fair enough. Not our experience at all w/ the mango though. What flavor did you have? Perhaps we need to do a side-by-side

  9. @ChicagoBites I had blueberry. Thought I would love it, despite it being about 4 months before blueberry season

  10. @Mattsland True dat. In season matters. Wonder if they use fresh fruit.

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