Cupcake Guide v2.0 – Rebound & Rally

  • August 30th, 2010
  • Cupcakes
  • Chicago Cupcake Crawl
Cupcake Crawl Guide Cover

Cupcake Crawl Guide Cover

I’ve been down for the count this week with the flu, so writing on the next version of the Guide is a bit behind. I’ll try to make up for it this week and get it out the door some time mid-September. Of course, writing would go a lot faster if I could turn on my inner editor and squelch ideas like Cupcake Crawl 2: Revenge of the Calories. I just need to get it done!

Before I crack down to tweak and edit, I wanted to send out a few teasers about the new guide so people know it’s coming and that it’s going to be awesome. I’ve taken everything I learned from putting out the first guide, improved it, and made it ever-so visually appealing. I can’t wait to get it out to Chicago’s cupcake enthusiasts!

Snapshot of Sensational Bites bakery profile.

Snapshot of Sensational Bites bakery profile.

So what’s inside? There are 40+ bakery profiles in this version of the guide including new ones from Sprinkles, Sweet Escapes, Bake and Sweet Sensations + even more, 8 cupcake crawl suggestions, and pages of tips and tricks about how to throw and survive the sugar rush. Plus, there are countless new cupcake photos from all your favorite cupcake spots: Swirlz, Dinkel’s, Sugar Bliss, Luscious Layers, More, Beautiful Cakes, etc. I’ve also made notations about which bakeries have dietary considerations for vegans and which cater to the gluten-intolerant.

There’s a lot of sugar in this eBook! Remember, if you purchased the older (less sweet) version of the guide, I’ll send you the shiny new version at least a week before anyone else gets their hands on it. I like to take care of my customers.

More updates to come!

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