Jul 302010
Cafe Selmarie Croissant

Croissant ala Cafe Selmarie.

Cafe Selmarie is a lovely restaurant and bakery in Lincoln Square and the tenth stop on Croissant Quest 2010. I tried a couple of times, but was never early enough to snag a chocolate or almond croissant. The fact that they’re always out of them should be a big hint for me to get there earlier. Oh, well. The run out of their plain croissants too, but I managed one morning to get one.

I have to say this is the most reasonably priced croissant for the quality on the Quest. $1.85? Yeah, I wish I’d picked up a couple of more. Cafe Selmarie’s croissants are light and buttery and are definitely in the top-half of spots. A side-effect of having such tasty treats is that the bakery is always crowded and it’s difficult to get a seat at the counter. Fortunately, you can take your baked goods to the square next door and eat them on a park bench.

Cafe Selmarie

Cafe Selmarie in Lincoln Square.

Cafe Selmarie
4729 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625-2009
(773) 989-5595

Plain croissants are $1.85.

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