Bonjour Cafe Bakery – Croissant Quest 2010

Bonjour Croissants

The croissants at Bonjour are elongated.

Tucked behind a Treasure Island in a Hyde Park shopping mall courtyard is Bonjour Cafe Bakery — the latest stop on Croissant Quest 2010. The recommendation came from one of our wonderful Facebook followers, and we’re glad we took the suggestion to trek South.

Slightly sweet, flaky, buttery but not oily, these croissants are definitely contenders for tops in the city. They come in the widest range of flavors I’ve seen thus far: strawberry cream, chocolate, spinach feta, multi-grain, ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, and plain. I also tried the spinach-feta, and thought the filling was perfectly balanced with the pastry.

The seating in the bakery is a little tight, but there’s a shady courtyard and seating for customer. A jazz quartet was playing in the courtyard when we were there, and that provided the perfect backdrop to enjoy these delicious pastries. If you head down there to try the croissant, bring your bills. Bonjour is cash only.

Bonjour Exterior

Patrons enjoying the fine weather and excellent pastries at Bonjour.

Bonjour Cafe Bakery
1550 East 55th Street
Chicago, IL 60615-5550
(773) 241-5300

Croissants are $2.20 for plain and range from $2.50 to $3.00 for the specialty and meat-filled croissants.

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