Bakin’ & Eggs for Brunch

Bakin' & Eggs | Salmon & Dill Fritatta

The frittatas at Bakin' & Eggs are large enough to share.

We had brunch over the weekend at Bakin’ & Eggs — the Lakeview spot owned by the folks at Lovely. There was a spacious seating area on the bakery side of B&E and we were able to spend the 30 minute wait by gazing at the array of cupcakes, macaroons and croissants. They all looked yummy and, I couldn’t help noticing, were color-coordinated with the decor.

We were very hungry by the time we slid into our pew, so went for a selection of frittatas (sundried tomato, asparagus & salmon-dill varieties), a flight of bacon, and sides of cheese grits, potatoes, chicken apple sausage and ham. It was enough to feed an army of lumberjacks but we managed to do it justice. After we took the edge off, we were able to appreciate nice touches like the homemade raspberry jam that came with the toast. Everything was delicious. And though I didn’t try the bacon myself, the meat eaters at the table went into raptures over the slabs.

Service here was a little shaky, even after the rush of the brunch crowd had passed. We had to ask for half our drink order and our waiter disappeared a few times. Also, splitting the check four ways apparently means something completely different at B&E than other places. Why itemize when everyone’s sharing dishes? They also take the diner route of paying at the counter, but that was a little disconcerting after the waiter/sit and eat vibe up to that point. Admittedly these are small things, but they make a difference in the customer experience.

Having said that, I would go back to Bakin’ & Eggs. We stuck to the savory side of the menu and skipped the sweets and breakfast sandwiches. The banana bread french toast sounded and looked interesting as did the bacon waffle. Yes, a return trip is definitely in order.

Bakin' & Eggs | Bacon Flight

Bacon flight? Yes, please.

Bakin’ & Eggs
3120 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657-3131
(773) 525-7005

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