Pop the Champagne and Let Them Eat Foie Gras!

Foie Gras | Cyrano's Bistro

Foie gras slider tasting at Cyrano's.

Foie gras is a always celebrated at Get directions — there’s even a museum-like tribute to it nestled by the bar — and all this week,  you can sample foie gras starters for the bargain price $12 in honor of Foie Gras Week 2010.  This special appetizer menu runs for two more days and  features  dishes created for the occasion both in-house and by guest chefs. I’ll tell you this… the foie gras I had last night was so incredible that I’m tempted to go back tonight for more!

It appears that the special menu changes daily depending on the availability of ingredients and which guest chef is featured. I was initially disappointed when I discovered that I couldn’t order foie gras sliders because they were out of the right kind of bread, but my disappointment was completely forgotten when my taste buds started doing the neutron dance over the fresh goose rillette with foie gras — a pate served simply with grilled toast (although we preferred it on the house French bread).

Then, things were taken to a whole new level with guest chef Michael Foley’s foie gras truffle pasta, a rich creamy dish that quite literally melted in my mouth.

We topped of the meal with a sampling of what the sliders would have been, foie gras with cherry and foie gras with grilled onion, served open face on a different kind of bread compliments of the chef.  These birdie bites were as unique and tasty as their predocessors.

T will no doubt accuse me of gushing about foie gras here — and I say, in this case, rightly so and well deserved! If foie gras is your thing or you’ve always wanted to try it, get thee to Cyrano’s before the deal is done. It’s money well spent!

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