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When New Amsterdam Gin sent out a call to a group of local bloggers and media to enter a mixology contest, I got excited. I like playing mad scientist in my kitchen and testing different recipes on friends. However, my knowledge of gin was pretty weak, so I turned to Twitter for help with drink ideas. I have to say, ya’ll really like your gin and have some serious brand loyalty:

  • @aschie30 Songbird, Negroni, Southside and a good ol’ G&T, off the top of my head
  • @joejanas Two parts Plymouth, 1 part Farigoule, stirred, served up with sprig of thyme.
  • @geg5150 Rangpur Gin with TJ’s Sparkling Limeade and muddled blackberries. Divine & Dangerous!
  • @geg5150 I love a G&T with a splash of St. Germaine.
  • @tineross Try Hendricks, Elderflower liq, soda H2o
  • @marzlet Hendricks Gin + Tonic + slice of cucumber = the drink that converted me last summer at a rooftop party!
  • Mixology Station

    Fruit, spices and sweetners for making the perfect drink.

  • @GourmetRambler Ooooh. Make Aviations! Yum! Oh, also a HUM negroni is delicious!
  • @eatitdrinkit Hendricks with cucumber. If you have time to let cucumber macerate, bonus. Otherwise muddle cuke, add gin, maybe bit of soda.
  • @GourmetRambler I like Tom Collins. But it depends on gin. What gin are you looking to use?
  • @JeffreyWWard Might sound crazy but Plymouth on the rocks with a splash of St. Germain
  • @Chicago_Reader Martini, gin & tonic for simplicity; gin fizz for something more complicated
  • @biancakasurinen Lime Ricky
  • Like all good contests, there were a few rules: no other distilled beverage, must use the available ingredients, and you have to do it all in 10 minutes. It was a little bit of pressure, but a lot of fun. If you have the utensils and the space this has the makings of a great summer party.

    For the curious, my own mixology efforts yielded a gin & tonic with muddled blueberries, a dash of honey and a glass rimmed with lavender sugar. They wanted a Chicago name for our drink creations so I brazenly called mine “One Gin Goal Achieved” because blueberries reminded me of hockey pucks and I can’t quite let go of the Blackhawks buzz. It may take several drinks for that to happen.

    I didn’t win, BTW, so you should probably stick with the Twitter wisdom accumulated on this page or read through New Amsterdam’s recipes if you’re serious about creating a gin cocktail. Thanks to everyone who provided inspiration!

    Mixology Judges

    The judges were tough but fair.

    Bottles of gin and utensils were provided courtesy of New Amsterdam. Food was provided courtesy of Old Town Social.

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