Dinner and a Show All in One

Mayne Stage Theater sign

Mayne Stage Theater opens its doors.

The Mayne Stage Theater, formerly the Morse Theater, has been newly renovated and is an intimate venue  located inside Act One Cafe, an airy, pleasant restaurant with a full menu and bar. Both opened Friday night with the comedy show Act One Cafe headlining. The show itself didn’t do much for me  — comedy is so relative — but the theater and dining space are great. Just steps away from the Morse Red Line stop, it’s a one-stop-shop for dinner and a show, and would be especially good for a date. I think you could easily hold private parties there too — there’s a private bar and room to mingle upstairs.

Market Fettuccini

The market fettuccini we tried is a nice summer pasta dish.

Before the show, we sampled four courses off the menu — the baby iceberg wedge; an appetizer trio that included shrimp with cocktail sauce, a jerked chicken spring roll, and crab smoked trout salad; market fettuccini with artichokes, chard tomato, garlic and mushrooms; and the mini malted chocolate pot au creme for dessert. The fettuccini was the best out of what we had — it was portioned well and not too heavy —  a very appropriate dish for summer.

All in all the food doesn’t take center stage at Act One Cafe though, meaning that it’s solid and eatable — tasty even — but not extraordinary. Instead, Act One focuses on creating an approachable and speedy dining experience to specifically to complement theater going.

We dined at the cafe and went to the theater as part of the media opening event, so I look forward to going back soon to get a better sense of pricing and  how the whole set-up works when they’re flying solo.

Kate Flannery

Kate Flannery from NBC's "The Office" is also a member of The Lampshades, and she performed at Mayne Stage Friday night.

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1330 West Morse Avenue
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This was a media event and we attended free-of-charge.