Specialty Cocktails & More Shine at Sable


At $13 a pop, the cocktails are worth every penny.

When we heard that bartender Mike Ryan had abandoned the Violet Hour to mix handcrafted cocktails at Sable instead, we rounded up a group of friends (including @ginnygetsfloury and @MKinChiTown) and headed over there for happy hour.  The drinks took center stage, but the tasty tidbits on the menu quickly turned our “hour” into a full-fledged dinner that left us too stuffed to even consider dessert!

Oven Roasted Chicken

The oven roasted chicken was one of the only full-size dishes we ordered and it was flavorful.

The food is meant to be shared, and I would say the same about the drinks if your dining companions don’t mind you sneaking a sip or two. Ask your server to help you navigate the menu so you get something that suits your tastes drink-wise and the right amount of food to match your appetite.  One thing is for sure, you’ll want to try as much as possible at Sable.

The cocktails are spectacular  — each one distinctive and beautifully presented — and they’re worth the $13 price tag applied across the board. Likewise, the food is a creative complement to the libations, and well worth a taste. Plates can be ordered in different portion sizes to best accommodate your table.

Crispy Artichokes

The crispy artichokes are better than fries and good for dipping.

My favorites included the Sweet Corn Creme Brulee, the oven roasted chicken entree, the crispy artichokes and the baby beet and goat cheese salad.  Some of the dishes were certainly better than others, but we still cleaned our plates for every course. We liked the wild mushroom flat bread better than the wild mushroom pasta for example, and several of the mussels we ordered weren’t open enough to eat, but the sauce they were in was good.  In fact, the mussels were served in a container that had a reservoir built in to collect the sauce making it easy for bread dipping!

We ordered to our heart’s content, and our bill averaged out to be roughly $40 per person including tax and tip. It was a great deal, and the best “happy hour” I’ve been to in a long time!

Cheese Board

The blue cheese was the table favorite from the cheese board.

Sable Kitchen & Bar
505 North State Street
Chicago IL 60654

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