Macaroni & Cheese Twitter Round-up!

Branch 27 | Macaroni & Cheese

Mmm, cheesy!

When @Trishytroo asked us yesterday where to find the best macaroni and cheese, we thought it was a great question. We’ve tried macaroni and cheese at every restaurant that’s had it on the menu, but still haven’t been satisfied enough to crown a winner. Maybe there is no winner. There are certainly no losers. What there are, however, are a lot of people excited about cheesy goodness. Here’s what Twitter had to say:

  • @Choski00 Mac & cheese at Kuma’s is outstanding.
  • @soulmirror Have you tried Soul Veg’s vegan mac & cheese? I think actually better than many renditions of the real thing.
  • @amour_de_porc The Orbit Room has surprisingly delicious mac n cheese. Simple, straight foward…maybe better than Kuma’s… yep.
  • @osburnrenn Bistro Campagne – great mac ‘n cheese
  • @windycitysocial Try @RockitWrigley
  • @Jonathankrass Smoked Cheddar Mac n Cheese at Glenn’s Diner in Ravenswood. Delicious!
  • @melkruse I agree with @djedbliss. T’s in Andersonville. Get it with bacon!
  • @ElviaRO Stanley has good mac n cheese
  • @dan_mayer Hands down, Kuma’s Corner
  • @rotokirby Smoque has a great mac n chhese
  • @spicyasian I love the mac n cheese at Smoke Daddy in WP!
  • @lwatkins84 Handlebar has great smoked gouda mac n cheese.
  • @shilparupani Check @RockitChicago mac – you won’t be disappointed
  • @SiriousB1 The Loaded Mac ‘n’ Cheese with country ham at Hamburger Mary’s cannot be beat!
  • @ginnygetsfloury The @SouthernChi was pretty good… other than that nothing comes to mind- not a good sign…
  • @emunn The multiple mac n cheese options @ DMK Burger are pretty outstanding.
  • @fal2falla Kuma’s Corner has the most orgasmic mac n cheese!!!
  • @Fabufamous: @FeastRestaurant mac n cheese…mmmmm
  • @hamgerber Smoque has some bomb mac and cheese. Too bad it’s a small portion though
  • @chefrossman Go to Deleece Grill Pub on Clark in Wrigleyville Sometime have lobster mac as special too, but I love the asiago mac myself!
  • @pcanderson Mac and cheese: Boka, the Hopleaf are other good bets.
  • @kisskiss0210 Even though its bite sized, I love the baked Mac and cheese from Smoke on Pulaski…mmmmm…
  • @tageborkoff Wilde has AMAZING mac n cheese!
  • @trdunn J. Alexanders and Deleece both have amazing Mac & cheese.
  • @lukevmundo Orbit Room’s Mac and Cheese is really good.
  • @imadedinner Try Old Town Social’s…theirs was REMARKABLE!
  • @smussyolay Silver Cloud has good stuff. Harmony Grill. Stanley’s. Midwest has lots of good mac and cheese!!
  • @dSquib Feast’s mac n cheese w/bacon and sun dried tomatoes is the best for me
  • @fourthycakes Gouda mac & cheese at Handlebar!
  • @djedbliss T’s in Andersonville has amazing mac!

If we missed your favorite mac ‘n cheese spot, please leave a comment or send us a tweet.