It’s Cinco de Mayo! Try some guacamole!

Holy Guacamole

We haven't tried all the guacamole in Chicago. No, not yet.

Nothing says Cinco de Mayo quite like freshly made guacamole. We asked our Twitter followers where they go for the good stuff, and this is what they had to say:

  • @EEPR_17 Guac at Goodwin’s is awesome – homemade and so yummy
  • @curlygirl71 I like Frontera Grill
  • @esinclai Los Nopales at Western & Wilson has the best guacamole in the city. Full Stop.
  • @caseserasera El Jardin on clark makes the best guac, market price! And strong, strong margs. They cut you off after two of’em.
  • @pjs2780 Adobo Grill has great guac and margaritas!
  • @bifrojm Xoco guacamole FTW
  • @DazzlingRayn ADOBO! They make it by your table and you can tell them if you want it spicy or not and there is NEVER ENOUGH
  • @LWatkins84 Xoco!
  • @Piratealice I was impressed with the guacamole they make at the Morse Freshmarket up in Rogers Park.
  • @denas Frontera’s guac is the best i’ve ever tasted. Always incredibly fresh.
  • @sonnychibainchi I do guac @ Zocalo and Mercadito
  • @MKinChiTown I guac @Carnivale312
  • @ginnygetsfloury Amazing guac flight @ Zocalo, also Chipotle in a pinch!
  • @lacabezaG Casa Cabeza or Adobo Grill. Wanna try Big Star.
  • @ezbake The fresh-made guac sold at Harvest Time at Rockwell & Lawrence is to die for. I no longer make my own. 2 sizes both under $6
  • @clever_cupcakes Frontera Grill! Nothing like @Rick_Bayless‘ Guac
  • @CrabbyPinchy At a grocer called Pete’s market
  • @aliciakan Carnivale is the best!
  • @dreadnaught My own kitchen

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