Chicken and Bubbles Belong Together

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Champagne and fried chicken belong together.

Ever since I chowed down on a full-fledged chicken dinner at The Southern a few weeks ago, fried chicken has been on the brain. There’s a lot of it on menus in the city, but it’s not something I usually order. Still, the chicken at The Southern inspired me, and I’ve decided that I need more fried chicken in my life.  But where to begin?

With chicken and bubbles of course!  Every Wednesday you can get a fried chicken dinner complete with collared greens, mashed potatoes, sausage gravy and a bottomless glass of champagne at Chalkboard in Lincoln Square for $25! Good deal, huh? That’s an understatement. Last week @leyla_a and @#chixbubbles planned a tweet-up (Twitter) to take advantage of it, and I had no idea what a treat it’d be.

Fried chicken and champagne simply belong together. I’m told the French have been on to the combination for years — that it’s actually quite well known — and you can taste why. The bubbles cleanse your palate between bites, ultimately enhancing your ability to taste the flavor of the chicken, and the batter on the chicken also complements the taste of the champagne. It’s a win win.  The sides paired surprisingly well too — especially the greens and sausage gravy. Who would’ve thunk it?

I must admit though that I liked the fried chicken at The Southern better than the fried chicken at Chalkboard.  Served on the bone, the chicken at The Southern is juicy and flavorful, and you have a choice between white and dark meat. It tasted like something mama used to make. The fried chicken at Chalkboard, on the other hand, is a tad more refined — white meat only, served boneless, with distinctly different batter and/or seasoning.  It’s a slightly drier more cultured fried chicken — but truly a steal when paired with a bottomless glass of champagne for $25!

So I end where I began, knowing that we must try more fried chicken! Where to next? Please leave a comment or drop us a line on Twitter with your suggestions!

4343 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618

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