May 112010
Croissants | Beans & Bagels

A trio of tasty croissants from Beans & Bagels.

Croissant Quest 2010 continued this week with a look at Beans & Bagels. The place came highly recommended both on Twitter and in the comments from our first stop, Sweet Cakes Bakery, so I moved it up on the list.

Like last week, we arrived late morning and bought out the remaining supply — a few plain croissants, one cheese and one cinnamon. Wow. These croissants were light, flaky and exuded a butteriness that exceeded expectations. I was equally impressed with the quality of their bagels. They were toasted crunchy but didn’t dry out the middle, and the toppings were generous.

Beans & Bagels is a good spot to linger, enjoy the tasty coffee and eye-catching posters/artwork/goth sock monkeys or, if you prefer, read the paper. Though the train came barreling into the station several times while we were there, no one seemed to notice. Was it because we were blissed out on pastry? Perhaps. I know I’ll be back for a combination of caffeine and flaky goodness soon.

If you have a recommendation for Croissant Quest 2010, please leave a comment or send us a tweet. Thanks!

Beans & Bagels

We would definitely hop off the train at Montrose for a taste of Paris.

Bean & Bagels
1812 West Montrose Avenue (Montrose Brown Line)
Chicago, IL 60613-1008
(773) 769-2000‎

  13 Responses to “Beans & Bagels – Croissant Quest 2010 Continues”

  1. @ChicagoBites Try Sarah’s Pastries & Candies on your Croissant Quest! 70 E. Oak

  2. @ChicagoBites Not a croissant connoisseur, but I certainly enjoy the ones at Sweet Cakes corner of Damen & Iowa

  3. @BitXDeadweight Went to Sweet Cakes last week:

  4. @ChicagoBites Looks like you guys all had a great time! I admit I *finally* figured out the “beans” were coffee beans… d’oh!

  5. @ChicagoBites please put the prices with the croissants! @NewWaveCafe in Logan has tasty, crusty croissants plain, almond, cheese, spinach

  6. @ChicagoBites and of course @CookAuVin on Elston, authentically french (and opening a bakery in Logan Sq). I like whole foods for $1.69ea

  7. @ChicagoBites … I guess that just shows how well I’ve been keeping up with things >.>

  8. @BitXDeadweight Nada mas, there’s plenty of time to enjoy croissants. 🙂

  9. @DecantChicago The prices, right! Ooooh, wait…had a Bob Barker moment. Yes, will remember to include!

  10. @rebeccawilova Don’t feel bad, took me a while, too. 🙂

  11. @ChicagoBites I much prefer the location at the Rockwell Brown Line stop, much quieter and more space. Viva la croissant!

  12. @geg5150 Is it valid to consider their second location as separate stop on #croissantquest2010? Or am I just being greedy? 🙂

  13. @ChicagoBites I’m assuming that everything is baked in one location, but really, for the sake of science, you should check it out.

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