At Home With Bodegas Montecillo

Maria Martinez-Sierra

Maria Martinez-Sierra talks of all things wine and food.

Every wine has personality. And the personality of Montecillo wine is that of its maker, Maria Martinez-Sierra. We met Maria, who’s been making wine for more than 30 years, at a tasting last week and the most initially striking thing about her and her wine is their mutual approachability.

Montecillo Wines

Montecillo Wines.

We sipped a variety of the winery’s line, from the 2009 Verdemar Albarino — a bright white packed with crisp, fruity flavor — to the 2001 Gran Reserva — a warm, full-bodied, elegant red (our favorite) — and I can easily picture myself serving any of it to guests on a special occasion or simply pairing it with a regular meal on a random Wednesday.  That’s because the wine is affordable, ranging from $12 to $25 a bottle,  and it has character.  It’s not only very drinkable, but also pairs well with food.


The spicy Gazpacho paired surprisingly well with both white and red wine.

“In Spain, wine and food always go together,” Maria said, making sure we found our way to the buffet table. She made us feel right at home. And I think Montecillo will find a place in my home too, on hand in the wine rack. Certainly something to consider next time your looking for a bottle.

This was a media event and we sampled all food and wine free-of-charge.