Kith and Kin

Closed! Enjoy the memories…

eggplant puree with almond & raisin relish

Eggplant puree with almond & raisin relish.

Kith and Kin is an American Bistro nestled among trendy townhouses, boutique shopping, and sports bars just steps from Armitage. We went to check it out Sunday night hoping to take advantage of the $30 Chef’s Week tasting menu.

I liked the atmosphere.  The restaurant makes good use of its space, and as it got more crowded during the course of the evening, it didn’t feel jam-packed. Judging from the number of full tables, I’d say Kith and Kin is filling the need for a cozy dining spot in the neighborhood. But is the food all that?

In the end, nothing other than dessert  on the Chef’s Week Menu struck our fancy, so we ordered ala carte. The service was prompt, and our waiter was on-the-ball. But he was one of those stick-to-the-script types, launching into detailed explanations of everything even when we said we already knew what was what. His determination to regurgitate the company line made me wonder if he was nervous, oblivious, or simply reconciled to the fact that most of the people he serves want details.

We stated off with the eggplant puree with almond & raisin relish. Served with toasted bread rounds, it was tasty. The predominate flavor in the dish was a pickled taste… a theme that ran through the meal. They do their own pickling at Kith and Kin, and they like it. A lot.


The mussels are served in a curry sauce with naan.

For my main course I had Bar Harbor Mussels served in a green curry sauce with a side of naan. The naan was essential for dipping and was my favorite part of the dish.

Tammy went with the wild mushroom ragout and hand cut pappardelle. The ragout was surprisingly light, and the fresh mushrooms complemented the fat ribbons of pasta perfectly. We also shared a side of rapini. Seasoned with cloves of pickled garlic, it was the most interesting dish on the table.

For dessert we settled on the banana pudding and vanilla wafers. The wafers were perfect for dipping, and the pudding looked so good and fun to eat that we spotted diners at neighboring tables eying it, and later ordering their own.

All in all, Kith and Kin is a solid bet for dinner. If I happen to be in the neighborhood, I’ll absolutely eat there again.


The rapini is served with cloves of pickled garlic.

Kith and Kin
1119 West Webster Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

Cost: $40 per person with tax and tip.

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