Dark Lord Cometh with Hype — Worth it? Hell Yeah!

Dark Lord Bottles

Dark Lord 2010 is here!

Three Floyd’s Brewery comes but once a year. It’s when people from all over the country descend upon @girlspintout in Munster Indiana to suck up its limited supply of high-end Russian Imperial stout. It’s when roads are shut down and extra police are hired to handle the crowd that this year was 8,000 strong. It’s when the area surrounding the brewery becomes one big Woodstock-like tailgate party, with folks hauling coolers and lounging in lawn chairs.

Efficient Drinking

Efficient drinking, yes. Typical beer fest, no.

Barring the pretzel necklaces and plastic beer-can-holding head gear, it’s not at all your typical beer fest though. Oh no. Those coolers are filled with rare brews of all kinds, and if you’re looking for a Miller lite, stay home. Bring true beer-loving friends with you and you’ll make plenty more there – in line, in the parking lot, and by the food tents (we really enjoyed meeting you Social Distortion). Most of them will top off your glass with a taste or two.

Sound fun? You bet! That’s why we marked our calendars last summer – April 24, 2010 Dark Lord Day — fought the good fight on Twitter to score golden tickets, which allowed us to buy the brew, and headed for the Indiana border Saturday to get our stash.

In roughly five years, Dark Lord has quickly become the stuff of legend. It’s rated one of the top 10 beers on earth according to BeerAdvocate. Folks horde it in their basements, save it for special occasions, and brag about it to just about anyone who will listen. And now we’ve got bragging rights!

Ticket Line

The gates of Dark Lord before us where four bottles per ticket await.

That first sip quite literally made my eyes roll back in my head. Dark Lord is without a doubt worth the wait and all of the effort it takes to get your hands on some. But it’s the haphazard sales day that makes having the beer itself even better. Dark Lord Day is an experience not to be missed.

I wonder, with the beer’s growing popularity, if Dark Lord Day will survive.  If it does continue to grow, it may kill the festival atmosphere. That would be sad because there’s nothing better than toasting with best friends and strangers while sipping a phenomenal beer and listening to the live musical stylings of Facebook album in a brewery. Of course, you’d just have to be there to know that.

Check out more pictures from Dark Lord Day 2010 in our Facebook album.

Got his case

The Dark Lord Haul.

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