Chocolate, Cheese & Corzo

Corzo & Chocolate Boxed Set | Vosges Haut Chocolate

Tequila and chocolate in one delightful box set.

Last night we learned that good things happen when you pair tequila with cheese and chocolate. It’s not an obvious pairing, but tequila makers like Corzo have been working to change tequila’s image from something slammed at Spring Break to a refined, quality liquor that brings out the best in food.

We started the evening with Corzo Sliver paired first with a Lyden cheese and then Vosges’ Naga and Creole chocolates. Silver tequilas, we learned, have been aged less than two months and do not spend any time in oak barrels. It’s a clear, peppery tequila that held up well against the cumin, curry and coffee flavors in the pairings. By the way, unlike wine, you should exhale when drinking tequila to avoid the “burn” from the alcohol. It makes a big difference.

Next up was the Reposado, which is aged up to a year in new oak barrels from Kentucky. This was the deemed the most “feminine” tequila because its smooth, fruity profile seems to go over big with the ladies. I don’t know about that, but it did work well with the excellent aged cheddar and the vanilla, banana and milk chocolate in the Funk & Disco truffle. The Reposado was a better match with Vosges’ Mo’s Bacon Bar. The saltiness provided the right counter note to its sweetness.

We finished off the tasting with the Anejo, a tequila that reminded both Bridget and I of a good whiskey. In fact, according to the tequila attache, a tequila that’s been aged one year is equivalent to a 15 year old Scotch. It was paired with an incredible aged Gouda and brought out the best in that cheese — I could have eaten it all night long. We also tried with the Anejo with a dark chocolate and cherry truffle, but enjoyed it more with the Red Fire truffle. Tequila and chillies seem to be made for each other.

Sound good? If you want to try it, there is a public tasting at Vosges tonight between 7pm-9pm for $40. Call (773) 296-9866 to reserve a spot. However, if you can’t make it, drop by the store to buy one of the boxed sets with conveniently matched chocolate and tequila.

Vosges Haut Chocolate
951 W Armitage
Chicago, IL 60614

More pictures from last night’s event on Facebook.

Cheese & Chocolate | Vosges Haut Chocolate

Cheese and chocolate queued up for the pairing.

We were provided samples of chocolate, cheese & Corzo via a press tasting free of charge.

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